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Ballplayers and 1st class MIDS receive Service Selections!

Annapolis, MD
. - It's official! Our six Navy 1st Class Ballplayers received their Service Selections last Thursday, achieving one of their many life goals.

  • Brad Borosak - Navy Pilot
  • Chris Cannon - Marine Ground
  • Jack Keller - SWO
  • Chuck Lamar - Marine Pilot
  • Stephen Moore - Naval Flight Officer
  • Anthony Parenti - Marine Pilot

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"Great time at Faidley's Seafood in Lexington Market to celebrate Navy's 13th consecutive win over Army. Lots of old friends and new friends, but we all were thinking of our service members currently deployed or in far away stations who could not join us. We raised a glass to those who could not attend while serving our Country!"

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